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The seventh Pan book of horror stories

by Herbert Van Thal;

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Selected story summaries   (2018-12-27)


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by billborre

"The Man who Hated Flies" by Charles J. Benfleet - A man who believes in reincarnation and also hates flies tells his friend that if at all possible he will endeavor to prove the veracity of his beliefs. Two weeks later he dies and wills his occult books to his friend. As his friend reaches for a book on the library shelf a large spider lands upon him and, disgusted, he brushes it off and steps on it. When he sees his dead friend's initials H.L. displayed within the spider's web he realizes with shock that he has just killed his reincarnated friend.

"Never Talk to Strangers" by Alex White - A woman waits for a friend at a train station and a man comes up to her pestering her with unwanted discussion. Another man comes up and smoothly dismisses the first and the woman accompanies him back to his flat. He tells her that he is going to shackle her to the mattress and rape her than saw off her arms and legs while she still lives and admonishes her to never talk to strangers.

"The Last Experiment" by John D. Keefauver - Private Nelson volunteers for a sensory deprivation experiment and occupies his mind with the rat sounds of an audio broadcast of "Three Skeleton Key." Unbeknownst to Nelson, however, is that actual rats from an experiment down the hall escape and make their way to his cubicle and their presence along with his belief they only exist in his mind causes him to become unhinged.

"Dream House" by Dulcie Gray - A man confesses in a letter to murdering his wife and walling her up in the house. He goes on to admit that this is how he killed his mother and sister years earlier. He admits to murdering a third girl he impregnated and dismembering her body but he didn't bury her headless torso deep enough on the outlying farm to remain undiscovered so he went back to method A.

"The Bats" by David Grant - Mervyn is a boy who keeps vampire bats and feeds them with his own blood until his father, concerned that his son is wasting away, decides to get rid of Mervyn's pets. Mervyn releases his pets from their cage and leads them upstairs to feast upon his sleeping parents.

"The Return" by G. M. Glaskin - Maisie is a delusional seventy year old woman who lives in a fantasy that she is seventeen brought on by the guilt of burning down the house when she didn't get a seventeen year old birthday party.

"The Little Room" by William Sansom - A woman is sealed in a room with a manometer which keeps track of how much oxygen she has left.



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