Challenging mindset : why a growth mindset makes a difference in learning-and what to do when it doesn't (หนังสือ, 2019) []
Challenging mindset : why a growth mindset makes a difference in learning-and what to do when it doesn't

Challenging mindset : why a growth mindset makes a difference in learning-and what to do when it doesn't

ผู้แต่ง: James Nottingham; Bosse Larsson
สำนักพิมพ์: Thousand Oaks, California : Corwin, 2019
ชุด: Challenging learning series
ครั้งที่พิมพ์/รูปแบบ:   พิมพ์หนังสือ : ภาษาอังกฤษดูครั้งที่พิมพ์และรูปแบบ
This book answers key questions about Carol Dweck's theory of mindset - What is a 'growth mindset' and what diffence can it make? Why are gorwth mindset interventions not working in schools (yet) and what can be done to change this? What is a 'failure mindset' and why is it more influential that an adult's fixed or growth mindset?

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ชื่อบุคคล: Carol S Dweck
ประเภทเอกสาร หนังสือ
ผู้แต่งทั้งหมด : ผู้แต่งร่วม James Nottingham; Bosse Larsson
ISBN: 9781506376622 1506376622
OCLC Number: 1096209594
คำอธิบาย: xix, 199 sider
สารบัญ: List of FiguresThe Challenging Learning StoryPrefaceAcknowledgementsAbout the AuthorsPART I WHAT IS MINDSET?Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Mindsets 1.0. Definition of Mindset 1.1. A Comparison of Fixed and Growth Mindsets 1.2. What Difference Does Mindset Make? 1.3. Mindset Is Not Black and White 1.4. Mueller and Dweck Results 1.5. We Are All a Mix of Mindsets 1.6. A Fixed Mindset Might Be More Common Than We Care to AdmitPART II WHAT IS THE IMPACT OF MINDSET?Chapter 2: Growth Mindset Implementation Is Not There (Yet) 2.0. Growth Mindset Effect Size 2.1. Reduced Efficacy 1: Third-hand Knowledge 2.2. Reduced Efficacy 2: Mindset Is Made to Sound Too Easy 2.3. Reduced Efficacy 3: Too Much Performance-Focus, Not Enough Time 2.4. Reduced Efficacy 4: Influences Are Complex 2.5. Reduced Efficacy 5: Mindset Affects Qualities Other Than Achievement 2.6. What Are the Criticisms of Growth Mindset?Chapter 3: When Does Mindset Work Best? 3.0. Goals, Strategies and Expectations 3.1. Mindset Works Best When Goals Are Learning-Orientated 3.2. Mindset Works Best When There Is Challenge 3.3. Mindset Works Best When There Is a Chicken and an Egg! 3.4. Mindset for Lifelong Learning 3.5. Mindset Without ShamePART III HOW DOES MINDSET INTERACT WITH EDUCATION?Chapter 4: Mindset in Education 4.0. Introducing Alisha and Zack 4.1. Alisha and Zack's Backgrounds 4.2. Alisha and Zack Start School 4.3. Alisha and Zack Meet Their Teachers 4.4. Alisha and Zack Discover Their TalentsPART IV WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT REALITY?Chapter 5: Do You Have a Growth Mindset Culture? 5.0. What Are We Aiming to Achieve? 5.1. How Much Progress Have We Made So Far? 5.2. Collecting Your Evidence 5.3. What Next?PART V HOW CAN YOU BUILD A GROWTH MINDSET?Chapter 6: Privilege Progress 6.0. The Origins of Intelligence Testing 6.1. Administering Tests the Growth Mindset Way 6.2. Draw Attention to Progress 6.3. Progress-Achievement Quadrants 6.4. Different Forms of Progress 6.5. Your Students Are Already Making ProgressChapter 7: Use the Power of Yet 7.0. The Power of Yet 7.1. The Power of YetisChapter 8: Choose Challenge 8.0. Mindset Matters Most When There Is Challenge8.1. When Students Pick the Easier Path 8.2. Encouraging Students to Choose the Challenging Path 8.3. Mindset Through the Learning PitChapter 9: Be Careful with Praise 9.0. Different Types of Praise 9.1. To Praise or Not to Praise? 9.2. Praise and Cheating 9.3. Praise and Self-Efficacy 9.4. Praise, Rewards and Mindset 9.5. When to Praise 9.6. Praise in PracticeChapter 10: Flopped Learning 10.0. Flops Lead to Enhanced Learning 10.1. Flopped Products 10.2. Flopped Feedback 10.3. Flopped Parents 10.4. Effort Is Not Enough 10.5. Resilience and Grit 10.6. Flopped Previews 10.7. Flopped LeadingPART VI WHAT NEXT?Chapter 11: Growth Mindset Lessons 11.0. Learning Challenge Lessons 11.1. How Much Can Emily Influence Her Future? 11.2. Was Usain Bolt Born to Be an Olympic Champion? 11.3. Is Challenge Interesting?ReferencesIndex
ชื่อชุด: Challenging learning series
ความรับผิดชอบ: James Nottingham, Bosse Larsson


Drawing on their work alongside Carol Dweck, the authors answer key questions about Dweck's theory of Mindset and share proven strategies for mindset success.  อ่านมากขึ้น…




"Nottingham and Larsson's new book is accessible and inviting. It will help you navigate the world of mindset concepts and research, and focus on actions that can have high impact. I respect these อ่านมากขึ้น…

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