Color vision : perspectives from different disciplines (書籍, 1998) []
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Color vision : perspectives from different disciplines

著者: Werner Backhaus; Reinhold Kliegl; John Simon Werner
出版社: Berlin ; New York : Walter de Gruyter, 1998.
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ジャンル/形式: Kongress
資料の種類: インターネット資料
ドキュメントの種類 書籍, インターネット資料
すべての著者/寄与者: Werner Backhaus; Reinhold Kliegl; John Simon Werner
ISBN: 3110161001 9783110161007 3110154315 9783110154313
OCLC No.: 38073287
物理形態: xv, 343 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm
コンテンツ: Introduction / Werner G.K. Backhaus, Reinhold Kliegl and John S. Werner --
I. Color vision in art and science : Aging through the eyes of Monet / John S. Werner --
II. Physiology and neuroethology : Physiological and psychophysical simulations of color vision in humans and animals / Werner G.K. Backhaus --
Receptors, channels and color in primate retina / Barry B. Lee --
Chromatic processing in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) / Jan Kremers, Eberhart Zrenner and Stefan Weiss, Sabine Meierkord --
Molecular genetics and the biological basis of color vision / Maureen Neitz and Jay Neitz --
Source analysis of color-evoked potentials in a realistic head model confirmed by functional MRI / Walter Paulus, Renate Kolle and Jürgen Baudewig, Nora Freudenthaler, Mathias Kunkel, Michael Finkenstaedt and Hans-Heino Rustenbeck --
Wavelength information processing versus color perception: evidence from blindsight and color-blind sight / Petra Stoerig --
Color vision in lower vertebrates / Christa Neumeyer --
Color vision: ecology and evolution in making the best of the photic environment / Peter G. Kevan and Werner G.K. Backhaus --
III. Psychology and philosophy : The perception of blackness: an historical and contemporary review / Vicki J. Volbrecht and Reinhold Kliegl --
Basic color terms and basic color categories / Clyde L. Hardin --
Color perception from Grassman codes to a dual code for object and illumination colors / Rainer Mausfeld --
Color contrast gain control / Michael D'Zmura --
Binocular brightness combination: a mechanism for combining two sources of rather similar information / Hans Irtel --
Inferences about infant color vision / Kenneth Knoblauch, Michelle L. Bieber and John S. Werner --
IV. Color metrics and application : Dichromacy: the simplest type of color vision / Horst Scheibner --
Current CIE work to achieve physiologically-correct color metrics / Janos Schanda --
Use of computer graphics in PostScript for color didactics / Klaus Richter.
責任者: editors, Werner G.K. Backhaus, Reinhold Kliegl, John S. Werner.




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