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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

著者: J K Rowling; Mary GrandPré
出版社: New York, NY : Arthur A. Levine Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc., 2005.
エディション/フォーマット:   紙書籍 : Fiction : 青少年向け : English : First American editionすべてのエディションとフォーマットを見る
Sixth-year Hogwarts student Harry Potter gains valuable insights into the boy Voldemort once was, even as his own world is transformed by maturing friendships, schoolwork assistance from an unexpected source, and devastating losses.

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ジャンル/形式: Young adult fiction
Young adult works
Fantasy fiction
Juvenile works
Young adult fiction, English
Juvenile fiction
関連の人物: Harry Potter, (Fictitious character); Hermione Granger, (Fictitious character); Ron Weasley, (Fictitious character); Ron Weasley, (Fictitious character); Harry Potter, (Fictitious character); Hermione Granger, (Fictitious character)
資料の種類: Fiction, 青少年向け
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: J K Rowling; Mary GrandPré
ISBN: 0439784549 9780439784542 0439786770 9780439786775 0439791324 9780439791328 0439785960 9780439785969 9780329552510 0329552511 9780605000230 0605000239 9781408835012 1408835010 9780545582995 0545582997 9781415592946 1415592942 0329414380 9780329414382 9780786277452 0786277459 1419354345 9781419354342 0439906296 9780439906296 9781338299199 1338299190 9780756967659 0756967651
OCLC No.: 57358293
メモ: "Year 6"--Spine.
Sequel to: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
Sequel: Harry Potter and the deathly hallows.
受賞歴: American Library Association Young Adult Library Services Association--YALSA--Best Books for Young Adults (2006).
対象者 Middle School.
物理形態: x, 652 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
コンテンツ: The other minister --
Spinner's End --
Will and won't --
Horace Slughorn --
An excess of phlegm --
Draco's detour --
The Slug Club --
Snape victorious --
The Half-Blood Prince --
The house of Gaunt --
Hermione's helping hand --
Silver and opals --
The secret Riddle --
Felix Felicis --
The Unbreakable Vow --
A very frosty Christmas --
A Sluggish memory --
Birthday surprises --
Elf tails --
Lord Voldemort's request --
The Unknowable Room --
After the burial --
Horcruxes --
Sectumsempra --
The seer overheard --
The cave --
The lightning-struck tower --
Flight of the Prince --
The Phoenix lament --
The white tomb.
責任者: by J.K. Rowling ; illustrations by Mary GrandPré.






'For her success in creating what will undoubtedly be a highly literate generation Rowling deserves great praise' The Spectator


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Excellent book

by ahaseley (投稿: 2017-02-02) 素晴らしい パーマリンク

This is an amazing book, certainly one of the best harry potter books in the entire series but ya know all of them are great. 

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

by 23dingen (投稿: 2009-12-06) 非常に良い パーマリンク

Een geweldig goed boek, de 6e over Harry Potter! Nu moet ik eerlijk zeggen dat ik een beetje zat te wachten op actie, in de andere delen van de Harry Potter serie gebeurd veel meer en gebeurd er sneller wat... Maar eveneens een prima boek over de tovenaarsleerling! In dit deel komt Harry achter geheimen...
続きを読む  続きを読む

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Sixth of the Harry Potter Books

by ricklibrarian (投稿: 2006-03-25) 素晴らしい パーマリンク
This post is not so much a review of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling as an acknowledement of my having read it twice. The first time I read it I was still inclined to think that Severus Snape was going to prove to be an ally in the end. If he was trusted by Albus Dumbledore, I...
続きを読む  続きを読む
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Great Series

by TheAbMan (投稿: 2010-01-13) 素晴らしい パーマリンク

I love this series. These books are great for kids and adults.  I couldn't stop reading them. I recommend them for everyone.

  • 4 of 5 人が、このレビューが参考になったと言っています。あなたはいかがですか? 

harry potter

by gisellafranco (投稿: 2008-03-05) 素晴らしい パーマリンク
  • 13 of 23 人が、このレビューが参考になったと言っています。あなたはいかがですか? 


by books123 (投稿: 2007-01-29) 悪い パーマリンク
This book was horrible. I hated it that Dumbeldore died. I don't know if I want to read number seven in fear of finding out who else will die.
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