Multilingualism, lingua franca and lingua sacra (書籍, 2018) []
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Multilingualism, lingua franca and lingua sacra

著者: Jens Braarvig; Markham J Geller
出版社: [Berlin] : Edition Open Access, 2018.
シリーズ: Max Planck research library for the history and development of knowledge., Studies ;, 10.; Edition Open Access.
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ジャンル/形式: Conference papers and proceedings
資料の種類: Conference publication
ドキュメントの種類 書籍
すべての著者/寄与者: Jens Braarvig; Markham J Geller
ISBN: 9783945561133 3945561132
OCLC No.: 1084501576
言語注記: In English; includes one contribution in German.
メモ: Proceedings of several workshops and conferences.
物理形態: viii, 535 pages : illustrations (some color), facsimiles (chiefly color) ; 24 cm
コンテンツ: Empires and their languages : reflections on the history and the linguistics of lingua franca and lingua sacra / Reinier Salverda --
Dependent languages / Jens Braarvig --
Lehnübersetzung und Lehnbedeutung vs. Lehnwort : zu den Entlehnungen aus dem Lateinischen und Französischen in das mittelalterliche Deutsch / Kurt Gärtner --
Konrad of Megenberg : German terminologies and expressions as created on Latin models / Kathrin Chlench-Priber --
What language does God speak? / Florentina Badalanova Geller --
Islamic mystical poetry and Alevi rhapsodes from the village of Sevar, Bulgaria / Florentina Badalanova Geller --
Learning Arabic and learned bilingualism in early modern England : the case of John Pell / Daniel Andersson --
Sumerian in the Middle Assyrian period / Klaus Wagensomer --
The concept of the Semitic root in Akkadian lexicography / Markham J. Geller --
Multilingualism in the Elamite kingdoms and the Achaemenid Empire / Jan Tavernier --
Diplomatic multilingualism in the Middle East, past and present : multilingualism, linguae francae and the global history of religious and scientific concepts / Lutz Edzard --
Some observations on multilingualism in Graeco-Roman Egypt / Alexandra von Lieven --
Indo-Iranian sacred texts and sacrificial practices : structures of common heritage (speech and performance in the Veda and Avesta, III) / Velizar Sadovski --
Aspects of multilingualism in Turfan as seen in Manichaean texts / Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst --
Multilingualism and lingua franca in the ancient Chinese world / William G. Boltz --
The imprint of Buddhist Sanskrit on Chinese and Tibetan : some lexical ontologies and translation strategies in the Tang dynasty / Jens Braarvig --
Classical Chinese as lingua franca in East Asia in the first to second millennia CE : focusing on the linguistic situation in traditional Korea / Vladimir Tikhonov --
Multilingualism and lingua francae of indigenous civilizations of America / Lars Kirkhusmo Pharo.
シリーズタイトル: Max Planck research library for the history and development of knowledge., Studies ;, 10.; Edition Open Access.
その他のタイトル: Studies in multilingualism, lingua franca and lingua sacra
責任者: Jens Braarvig, Markham J. Geller (eds.).




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