I know this book is about Courtney, but that NoRAH gave me Fits!!! by Norabee [WorldCat.org]
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Names my sisters call me : a novel

by Megan Crane

  Print book : Fiction  |  1st ed

I know this book is about Courtney, but that NoRAH gave me Fits!!!    (2008-10-02)

Very Good

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by Norabee

I know this may sound silly, but I almost didn't read this book because one of the character's names is spelled Norah.  I really dislike my name being spelled that way.  What is the extra "h" for?  Huh?  Every time I read this name, I heard "Nor-RAH!  Like a little cheer at the end of the "Nor" - I know, you probably can't understand where I'm coming from with this, but reading your own names spelled WRONG can be a bit disheartening, okay? 

So I finally decided to forge ahead despite the name-spelling travesty and... Oh, there's one other thing - you already know my name and I also have two sisters, but our birth order is different - I'm the middle sister (that probably my real problem, right?)... I decided to read this book to see If I could get an "insider's" view on the subject of sisterhood - I wondered if I could get a better understanding of what it's like to be the "oldest" and the "youngest" and Megan Crane delved a bit into the psychology behind sisterhood and gave some rare glimpses into what it's like to perceive yourself in one of these roles.

This story begins on the day that the youngest sister, Courtney, gets engaged.  Her and her intended are on their way to a regular family Sunday dinner at big sister (wait for it!) Norah's house - when Lucas drops to his knees in the snow (how romantic!) and proposes to Courtney.  After she gives her consent and they stumble inside to her family, somehow the subject of conversation goes from the up-coming nuptials to the disgraceful way that middle sister Raine conducted herself at Norah's (sigh) wedding six years before.  Megan Crane is gifted at telling the story not only from Courtney's perspective, but she is adept at giving the other sisters perspectives as well, flawed though they might be. 

The reason for all the hub-bub at the family dinner concerns Courtney's decision to invite Raine to her wedding.  Norah (see, you can get used to it after a while) is decidedly upset at the prospect.  She just can't understand what she sees as Courtney's betrayal at reaching out to Raine.  The story gets thicker when we discover that Courtney's old boy-friend Matt is also Raine's best friend and accompanied her when she fled from the wedding and no one has heard from her since.  Well, we find out that someone has in fact been keeping in touch with Raine and that discovery leaves both Norah and Courtney feeling slighted.  Courtney decides to accompany Luke on a business trip to San Francisco - this is the city that Raine escaped to following that fateful day at Norah's wedding.   Not only does Courtney see her sister Raine, but it seems that Matt is living with her!  Just seeing him brings back a whole lot of Courtney's insecurities about the past and Raine is treating her like, well, like a little sister.  As Courtney is about to leave the legendary city, questions abound - will Raine attend her wedding?  If she does, will Raine & Norah go for each other's throats?  And what about Matt, are Courtney's feelings for him starting to resurface?  What will that mean for her and Luke?  Will there even be a wedding?? 

Megan Crane delivers the answers and gives readers an in-depth look at sisterhood and their different perspectives.  This was a great read (despite the name thing) and a well thought out story - I look forward to reading more from this author.

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