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The Odin brotherhood : a non-fiction account of contact with a Pagan Secret Society : with a new epilogue a statement on the Odin Brotherhood

by M L Mirabello

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Classic Work on odinism   (2013-10-28)


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by charles1421

This is by far one of the most controversial and interesting books to come out of the pagan community. If you are looking for New Age rhetoric, look elsewhere. If you are looking for inspiring prose proclaiming "strength over weakness, pride over humility, and knowledge over faith," this book is for you.

Everything about the text is controversial. First, it claims that a secret society, dating back to 1421, has perpetuated the lore of the old gods all these centuries. This claim sends ordinary people-people who think that the history in the standard books is true-into convulsions.

I think the claim is intriguing.

Second, the writing style is powerful. Like the informational myths in the Poetic Edda, which use dialogue to convey "truths," Mirabello has constructed a dialogue to convey his facts. He is a craftsman with words, and the result is moving. He has, in effect created a Bhagavad Gita , or a Tao Te Ching, or a Gospel of Luke, for Odinists. One hundred years from now, when no one will be reading Llewellyn paperback books, I suspect this one will survive.

Third, there is really none of the standard reconstructionism that one finds in most modern Odinist books. You will not find Old Norse jargon and mead-brewing instructions here. (In reality, any Viking worth his salt would prefer wine over mead, at stole wine whenever he raided south.) Too many modern people think that Odinism is about playing Viking. Instead, Mirabello captures the warrior spirit that made the ancestors great. They were brave and generous, and they groveled before no one, men or gods.

Fourth, he presents an interesting rationale for polytheism

"Observe the universe around you. A universe governed by one supreme deity would possess the maddening simplicity that characterizes any dictatorship, but our cosmos clearly shows no evidence of one will at work. Our universe is characterized by diversity and disorder, and that indicates the universe is molded by many wills and innumerable forces."

Fifth, he details the terse and moving rituals of the Odin Brotherhood, from their three annual festivals, to their mysterious initiation rite, to the child naming ceremony, to marriages, and funerals.

â?~Behold the warrior is dead! As the flowers return in the spring, so shall he return!

Sixth, his descriptions of the Odinist death and afterlife concepts are moving.
"In poetic terms, death itself is personified as beautiful females who exist in an endless variety of exquisite forms. These females are called the Valkyries."

Finally, in crystal-clear prose, Mirabello presents the philosophy of Odinism. Not in dry terms as a Spinoza would, but he writes in lightning, as Nietzsche did. It all culminate sin his powerful description of Ragnarok and universe that will follow the great purification.

Hail to the Gods that are dead! They are the future race of lords! by <a title="more reviews from Charles" rel="nofollow" href="" title="more reviews from Charles">Charles</a>

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